Whether you go completely off the grid or improve your household energy usage; solar power is a beneficial way of dealing with the constant increase in energy costs and load shedding
troubles currently haunting South Africa.


Amptex Projects specializes in quality solar systems and solutions for your home and business.

All our team members have undergone extensive training through GREEN Solar Academy, Africa’s Premier Solar Power Training Institute. Our team is internationally accredited by the
German Solar Energy Society DGS, Regional Section of Thuringia.


Benefits of Solar Systems

  • Eliminate load shedding and unexpected
    power cuts

  • Reduce your electricity bills

  • Durable and low maintenance

  • Environmentally friendly

  • Decrease your carbon footprint

  • Enjoy an unlimited energy supply

We Can Assist You With

  • A Needs Analysis on your home or business
    to ensure that we match the right system to
    your environment.

  • Installing systems correctly according to
    international standards

  • Solar panel installation

  • Battery bank installation

  • Dual function inverter installation
    (DC-to-AC inverters?)

  • Energy monitoring device installation

  • Wiring and fuse box connections

  • Electrotechnical basics

  • PV systems

  • Planning and managing a solar project